BNB Gold

An experimental liquidity-based DeFi token

Join a community-driven token that rewards holders while supporting the next-gen experimental finance.


BNB Gold/BNBG is not affiliated with Binance.


What is BNB Gold?

BNB Gold is a Proof of Liquidity (PoL) token, meaning at inception 100% of circulating supply was sent to PancakeSwap and 9% of every transaction will be automatically added to Liquidity Pool periodically via our token smart contract.

No more tokens can ever be minted, and no special allocation to developers or team members. With BNB Gold fair launch, everyone will have to purchase the token on PancakeSwap, including us.

The future for BNB Gold will be the flagship PancakeSwap pool managed by a DAO system where the trading fees generated can be distributed or for token buybacks.


Fixed Supply




Team Allocation


Token Holders

Our Experimental Tokenomics

1% Holder Reward

1% of every transaction fee will be distributed back to BNBG holders. Nothing to stake or claim, just hold it in your wallet. It’s that easy!

9% Liquidity Pool

9% of every transaction fee will be locked in PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool. This Auto LP will create a massive liquidity pool and provide price stability at all stage.

50% burned

50% of token supply was burned during initial fair launch. Which mean 0.5% of every transaction will burned as well.

BNB Gold Roadmap

May 2021

June 2021

Q3 & Q4 2021

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How to buy BNB Gold?

Install Trust Wallet

Create a new wallet or import existing wallet. Make sure to store your seed phrase safely.

Add BNB on Binance Smart Chain

Buy BNB from the app or transfer from any Central Exchange (Binance, etc). Make sure it’s a BEP20/Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network.

Go To Dapp Browser Page

Find PancakeSwap in the dapp browser menu, or paste this URL into the URL bar:

Insert BNBG Token Contract Address in PancakeSwap

Paste BNBG token contract address in the swap field to make it visible in your token list.

Set slippage to 10% to offset the fee

You can use lower slippage to swap BNBG, try changing the last 4 digit of your BNBG amount from 0000 to 1111.

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